​​​​​​Journeyman's Advancement 's (JA) Alternative Rehabilitation Program has a distinctively unique method for carrying out our goal to offer an intervention program for males and females: to manage mental pain and anxiety; put the pieces together; find out who you are; create your own lane, change the conditions of your life and the people around you. 

" I found this class to be very informational and believe it would benefit everyone. I left each class with a positive attitude" ............ Shelley


​"The process hurts good" ..............Rob

" It was laid back and I gained increased awareness of myself"................ Samantha

" Getting new ideas and useful knowledge that adjust my life and enable me to fit into society. the class is a factory that makes useful men and women out of boys and girls"........ Gabriel

​What clients liked about the program:

Early intervention along with education for females and males; youth ( ages: 9-17) and adults (ages 18+ over) to change behavior, manage pain, anxiety and develop coping skills for personal growth and development. 

" Showed me about my power and control issues and how to change them..... society needs more programs like this"...... John

Provide intervention with education for females and males to manage mental pain and anxiety to facilitate both a male and a female journey for social change.


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Duluth model

" That I was able to openly express myself and know that there are other ways of handling things"........... Latisha 

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